Westward Willow – Aqua Chevron crib bedding

Those who know me well know two things about me when it comes to fabric. I love chevron and aqua. More importantly, I love it when they come together on some fabric.  So, as you might imagine, I was over the moon when an expecting mom asked me to make a bedding set using the very thing I adore.

Here are the results:

Aqua Chevron crib bedding 2013aquachevron a4I’m very pleased with how it all came together. Now, to get back to work on my current project!  I’ve been a very busy girl so far this year and I hope that it continues.

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Westward Willow – Celebrate Seuss Bedding set

Recently I was approached about doing a Dr. Seuss themed bedding set.  If you have read the “About the Sisters” portions of our blog then you know that I am a fan of Dr. Seuss.  A love that has been revived by having a child of my own.  Truthfully, I don’t think I have ever met someone who didn’t like Dr. Seuss and I don’t think I could be friends with anyone who was willing to admit that!

Ah, I digress. I know what you really came here for, so I’ll just get on with it.  Mom and Dad are not going to be finding out whether their newest bundle will be a boy or a girl and so have decided to go gender neutral with the coolest theme: Dr. Seuss.  Robert Kaufman has a fabulous collection of Seussical prints called “Celebrate Seuss”.  All the materials, with exception of the minky, come from this collection.

celebrate seuss crib beddingI’m totally digging this crib bedding set. I love that the colors and patterns are bright and bold.  **I showed the result to my hubby and he said, “It’s very Dr. Seuss-y.”  Haha!  It’s so true, though. The green character print and the white character print include many of the famous characters from the books, Horton, The Grinch, The Lorax, Cindy Lou Who, Yertle the Turtle and many, many more.

If you are interested in ordering your own Dr. Seuss bedding set, or maybe something not quite so Seuss-y I invite you to contact me;

email: westwardwillow@gmail.com

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Etsy: www.westwardwillow.etsy.com

Westward Willow – Pink and Green Owl quilt

When I finally finished the green and blue owl bedding set, I got a lot of unexpected interest.  A number of people were interested in a PINK version of the quilt.  Since there seemed to be such a strong outpouring for a pink variation, I decided that I would create a pink and green owl quilt to appease the masses. Okay, not really masses, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

It didn’t take a lot to convince myself that this was a reasonable choice.  I love the quirky little owl and chevron combination and who doesn’t love something bright and girly on occasion?  So, I began the process of making a one of a kind (yes, this is the only one like this I will ever make) girly owl quilt. Here are the results:

2013owls b1 Pink Green Owl QuiltI’m so happy with how my little darlings turned out.  I did a bit of free motion quilting around the owls to give the quilt a nice texture. I had so much fun working with these materials and hope that these adorable little owls soon find a new home with someone who can love on it for a very long time.

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An Ode to my Sister

I’m about to put on my “southern” hat a bit heavy, so please bear with me. 😉

Ya’ll (see what I mean?), I love my sister.  Have you ever had that feeling about someone that no matter where they are on this earth you feel like they are still right there with you? Like they  never even left? But, when you come back in face to face contact and it’s been “forever” since you’ve seen them you can pick right up where you left off?  That’s what I have with K.

I am blessed beyond measure to have such a smart, loving, and kind sister.  She and I, we go way back. The kind of way back that can be both funny and sad to remember some times.  What I remember the most about my childhood are sitting side by side at the kitchen table creating masterpieces, playing dolls,  doing some of the stupidest, hair-brained, numbskull, mama would have killed us both if she knew type of stuff together, and getting into some serious, knock-down, drag out, hair pulling, legs flailing type of fights when we started to disagree.  Mom was always there to pull us apart and send us to our rooms to “think about what we had done”.  Of course after our respective time outs we would be forced to hug, make up and clean up the tornado of a mess that was left in our wake.

I say all that to say this, K and I, we have come a long way from those days. Not that we have aged, because we are still just as cute as a button 😉 but we have matured and have come to love each other disagreements and all.  She’s not just my sister, but my closest and dearest friend.  I can’t imagine going through life without her in it.  Love you, K!

With love and kindness,

Westward Willow – Bella Butterfly – A Shabby Chic Set

In December, Westward Willow set up a booth at the Candy Cane Market at a local church.  There, I met a lovely local mom with an incredible story.  She is from my area but lives with her husband in Africa where they run a non-profit organization to offer aid to a small village where they currently reside.  Due to complex medical concerns, she has left her African village during the entirety of her pregnancy to be here and receive the care she needs to support a healthy pregnancy for both herself and her baby.

She wanted something shabby chic, lots of pink and white with a touch of aqua.  She chose a lovely aqua print to use as an accent, Bella Butterfly Collection by Micheal Miller.Bella Butterfly by Micheal MillerShe also requested a ruched bumper, something I had never attempted before.  I love, love, love the way it all turned out.  The minky on the inside of the bumper is beautiful and so soft, the gathers on the outside of the bumper add subtle texture and interest and the ruffle just adds that extra little feminine touch.  What little girl could ask for more?  The quilt top also has the minky as a backing.

Bella Butterfly Pretty Paisley Bella Butterfly Pretty Paisley Bella Butterfly Rouched BumperDoes it get any prettier?  This set consisted of two pieces, the bumper and the blanket.  The grandmom-to-be made a ruffled crib skirt in a pale pink.  I hope I’ll get to see it all together.

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Westward Willow – Purple Princess

In January I was contacted by a mom-to-be who wanted something in purple, taupe, ivory and maybe chocolate brown.  She chose a beautiful damask in lavender, a taupe/ivory check.  The bumper was to be pieced with extra wide ties.

Here are the results:

purple damask a2 2013 purple damaskI think it turned out quite nice.  I enjoyed doing the pieced bumper, it was a little more “figuring” than with bumpers I normally do, but the end result is nothing short of beautiful. And, the little embroidered butterfly adds a special, personalized touch.

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Westward Willow – Kumari Garden Custom Order

Hi friends,

Today I am posting up a newly completed bedding set that is stunning and ultra girly.  The fabrics selected by the mom-to-be are some of my absolute favorites from the Kumari Garden Collection by Dena Fishbein.

kumari gardenSee? The colors are so bright and fun! I adore these fabrics and could use them every day and still not get enough of them. Okay, on to the main event…the bedding!!!

2013kumari a1 2013kumari a2copy 2013kumari a3 2013kumari a4 2013kumari a7That sweet little ruffle pillow has to be my favorite.  I’m hoping that mom will be so kind as to send me some pictures of the completed room…could I be so lucky? Let’s hope so. 🙂  In total, the order was eight pieces, and my largest to date.

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